Website News


May 22, 2021

Fixed up the articles after their transfer from the old html version of the site. Then added canonical urls to point google to the new version on the wordpress. I..Read More

Footer Work

Re-did the bottom navigation bar on the newer pages in order to please google and make the pages more mobile-friendly.

SSL Cerificate addition

Added an SSL certificate and forced redirect of all pages to the HTTPS format. Changed the pathway of the CSS to conform to new format.

Converted the section on conlangs and on Monlango to the new template.


Rebuilt the section on Bestiaries.


About us!

Created an about us page. Re-built the whole section on Utopias. Revamped and added content to the section on Micronations.

New Template

Developed a new mobile friendly template and rebuilt the article on Ancient Antigravity.

More Optimizations

Re-wrote part of the section on Utopian societies. Tinkered with the front page to make it more accessible by mobile devices, but haven’t quite got it yet.


Set up htaccess to compress and cache resources to improve site speed

Tweaked the ad layout