Biographies of Famous People and Historical Events

The Makers of History

In this section you will find a growing number of essays and articles about fascinating men and women who shaped our civilization. The content is derived from a superb 10 Volume collection entitled Library of Historic Characters and Famous Events. This amazing set was published around 1902, which of course means that it doe3 not deal with the events and people of the 20th century; but for short biographies of the ancients, as well as early American personalities, it is unparalleled. My goal is to eventually put the entire ten volume set online by gradually adding articles and biographies.

Famous Characters and Historic Events

The History of the World

The People Who Shaped Our World

These are the artists, the philosophers, statesmen and warriors who built the world we live in. For good or bad, these men and women shaped our civilization and continue to affect our lives. is The Eclectic Encyclopedia of Fascinating Things and Odd Facts: Site Map | What's New | About Us | Privacy